COVIDSafe Plan (Docklands Chauffeurs)

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COVIDSafe Plan (October 23rd 2020Updated January 3rd 2021)

Compiled & Completed by: Alan Maxwell (October 2020)

Reviewed by: Johanna Maxwell (October 2020)

Updated & Reviewed (January 2021)


a) Docklands Chauffeurs (DC) offers airport Transfers and Bespoke Private Tours, primarily to Docklands Residents, Businesses and Visitors, and is committed to Safely carrying passengers, guests including Children and luggage/equipment in a COVIDSafe Manner meeting Victorian Government requirements as legislated.

b) This plan is reviewed regularly to maintain continuity with any changes to our new Victorian COVIDSafe reality in 2020 and beyond.

Ensure Physical Distancing

a) Currently our Vehicle has capacity to carry Seven (7) Passengers however under our COVIDSafe Plan a MAXIMUM of Three (3) Passengers (plus the Driver) are permitted to travel in our vehicle, unless ALL the passengers are from the one HOUSEHOLD/FAMILY who reside together.

b) This Condition will be confirmed on initial booking prior to the actual Transfer/Tour.

Wear a Face Covering

a) Each Passenger is required to wear a properly fitting MASK covering the mouth and Nose as required under Victorian Government Legislation. This requirement is not required for Children who are exempt under the current rules at the time.

b) Passengers who do not have a MASK as required will be refused entry to the Vehicle by the Designated Driver at the time of the Transfer/Tour.

Practice Good Hygiene

a) DC has two designated drivers, (Alan & Johanna) who practice social distancing, good hygiene, who will ensure that ALL Passengers are aware of the requirements, making EACH Passenger aware of these prior to commencing the Transfer/Tour.

b) Hand Sanitizer is supplied for Passenger USE inside the Vehicle

c) After Each Transfer/Tour the vehicle will be Sanitized where multi used areas within the vehicle will be wiped with Sanitized Cloths including doors, handles, seats, windows and any other surfaces touched by any of the Passengers.

d) Children Safety Seats will be sanitized before and after each Transfer whenever they are utilised.

Keep Records & Act Quickly if Workers become Unwell

a) Any evidence of Illness will be immediately reported to DHHS on Telephone 13 23 60

b) DC Drivers (Alan & Johanna) are both regularly tested for Corona Virus.

c) All DC Bookings are PREBOOKED and PREPAID with Main Passenger Details recorded within our Online Booking System. This allows Contract Tracing if required and details will be supplied to the DHHS whenever requested.

d) Should the unfortunate situation arise where DC has to close for COVIDSafe reasons, Passengers of affected bookings will immediately be notified of DC’s actions.

e) With any pending Bookings, Passengers will be notified and will be either rescheduled or full Refunds supplied as required.

f) Both Designated Drivers (Alan & Johanna) will be notified and any DHHS requirements and/or instructions will be actioned.

Avoid Interactions in Confined Spaces

a) DC currently uses a Kia Carnival which is a Large Vehicle capable of carrying SEVEN (7) Passengers (Plus the Driver) however we have limited Bookings to include a MAXIMUM of Three (3) Passengers, unless ALL the Passengers come from the same HOUSEHOLD/FAMILY and reside TOGETHER.

b) Passengers showing any signs of COVID Symptoms, refusing to wear a properly fitted suitable MASK, will be denied entry to our DC Vehicle prior to any booked Transfer/Tour.

c) Any action taken in Paragraph b) above is that the total discretion of the Designated DC Driver at the time.

d) Passengers will NOT be permitted to sit in the FRONT Passenger Seat of the Vehicle.

e) MAXIMUM of TWO (2) Passengers in the MIDDLE (Second) Row within the vehicle.

f) MAXIMUM of TWO (2) in the REAR (Third) Row will be permitted within the Vehicle.

g) The vehicle is already well ventilated, plus the designated driver will review ventilation within the vehicle as required during the Transfer/Tour.

Workforce Bubbles

a) Designated Drivers (Alan & Johanna) are from the same household and Co-Reside, a Workforce Bubble is not applicable.

COVIDSafe Environment

a) Docklands Chauffeurs is committed to offering a COVIDSafe Environment for both Drivers and Passengers.

b) This commitment includes reviewing this Document and the included procedures on a regular basis.

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