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First Impressions are Important

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First Impressions are Important – Last Ones Count

Alan and Johanna have been part of  Docklands Tourism and the Docklands Community for more than 12 years now and understand that First impressions are important and that last Impressions count just as much.

From a Melbourne Visitor perspective, Alan & Johanna always take that extra step to ensure that their Guests enjoy the experience, arrive at the destination safely and add their own touch of Personality to the experience. Having lived in and around Melbourne for many years Alan & Johanna settled here in Docklands over 12 years ago, they enjoy the lifestyle, they have a huge interest in Tourism, and are very much community minded, particularly Johanna who is now in her 8th term as President of the Docklands Chamber of Commerce.

Relating that to Docklands Chauffeurs, Visitor interaction with Melbournians can make or break the Guest’s Perception of one of the World’s Most Liveable Cities, so Alan & Johanna try just a little harder to ensure that the travel is stylish, safe and enjoyable, whether it be a Great Ocean Road Adventure, a short Point to Point journey or that final travel  to the Airport, making towards home after spending time here in Melbourne.

*Our COVIDSafe Plan Limits Passenger Numbers*

Alan & Johanna enjoy meeting new people, they get great satisfaction of showing off Melbourne at its best, so whether its just a short trip or if you have a specific request to see something in particular, they are always happy for a chat (especially Alan…), even if it is on your way home (via the airport) … First Impressions are Important – the Last Ones Count.