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Great Ocean Road Trip Notes

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Great Ocean Road Trip Notes

As our Full Day All Time Premium , the Great Ocean Road can be  the Journey of a Lifetime for some.

We get out and about early in the day,  as we power over the WestGate Bridge on our way down the Freeway to Geelong.  Travelling at speed through Melbourne’s Western suburbs, we share the journey with several busloads of visitors, as a slight detour (sometimes) we slip off the freeway and head into Geelong, stopping at Eastern Beach for a quick leg stretch, check out the waterfront there…Geelong is a wonderful place to visit with the waterfront there being a favourite spot foryour guide,  but today it is all about the Great Ocean Road, the history, the water, the wildlife plus that wonderful fresh sea air and wind in your face is calling… we are about an hour into our journey…..

As we approach Torquay, the air changes, it’s fresher and we get some glimpses of the ocean as just a tempter of what is to come……..the houses, the people, you can feel the closeness to the ocean, no wonder it is a haven for both visitors, retirees and that special holiday location for many.  Our famous Icon, Bells Beach is our first stop…the waves are a joy to watch, the car park can be crowded with surfers however the viewing platform is spectacular and if the surf is up, even if you are not a surfer you will understand why this is a such a world class place for surfing………(sometimes a kangaroo or two are about as well….)

We move away from the water just a little as we make our way down to Airey’s Inlet and stop at the Split Point Lighthouse where the view is just spectacular plus the Tea rooms make a wonderful coffee (the cakes are to die for…) just an easy place to stop at……..its about morning tea time so a good time for a stretch.

We are now right alongside the ocean, it’s rugged, spectacular and  your Guide (most likely Alan), he will be shaking his head and smiling  (How lucky am I….he says…)        make no mistake this journey is quite an experience.   As we pass by the entrance Archway it is easy to wonder about the history of the Great ocean Road, how it employed 3000 Returned Soldiers, mostly pick shovels and some explosives, it must have been a most grueling job… I always marvel at the engineering by hand….amazing……

This part of the journey is what this day is all about, the wonder and the ruggedness of where we are, the water, the waves, the twists, turns, the ups and downs of the road plus the freshness of the sea air, the trees, the ferns and the creeks we cross.  We eventually wind our way into Kennet River to see the Koalas there…..There is an opportunity to feed the birds there, as a number of different birds have made this part of the Great Ocean Road their home and are very very friendly…it is a special place………

Again onwards we go towards Apollo Bay, it’s starting to feel like lunchtime, so while we have different options based on what you the passenger likes to eat, our preference is fish and chips on the Harbour.  Your choice of fish, it’s cooked fresh for you…absolutely YUMMY…it is a special moment here, I always enjoy this break… sit back enjoying the view inland of the surrounding hills, the noise of the water and the bobbing of the boats in and around the harbour.

The Great Ocean Road can be a busy place, most visitors to Victoria come here in assorted vehicles, so in terms of people it can be a big crowd like the footy, or like today just the odd couples, families and the occasional small group, making the experience even more personal.

Over the time, most of our guests had this experience on their bucket list, some just to wanted to travel the road, others use the journey as recognition of beating serious illness while a couple of special people I met used this wonderful journey as a move to their new life after the death of a precious loved one.  Alan & Johanna always feels most fortunate firstly that our guests choose to spend their valuable leisure time with us, but also quite blessed that we are able to lighten the mental load of those who have major tragedy affecting their lives.

If you have read our other blogs you will know that Alan & Johanna love these experiences, with the occasional guest comment “I think you are having more fun than we are ”………truly blessed we are…truly blessed.

With yummy fish & chips complete, it’s back on to the Great Ocean Road again, this time towards the Twelve Apostles, to make this journey complete. It is normally around this time that our guests get a little spooked by the “Drive on the LEFT” road signs dotted all the way along the road.

So while we wander….the perspective of this wonderful road is no less spectacular than before, it really is a special part of our wonderful state of Victoria…..(you will note I am biased just a little but I first traveled this road as a young boy and still love the experience).   All the way on this journey the guests chat to Alan & Johanna, the conversations can range from being informative, funny, sometimes deep and meaningful plus occasionally political (not often though) but there is always lots of laughter, albeit at some of Alan’s unfunny jokes…..While we all enjoy the Great Ocean Road, it’s all about the Experience.

With the Twelve Apostles complete, the afternoon is now getting longer, usually we stop  for another coffee or cool drink, stretching the legs again, a toilet visit…(too much information…) and then back in “Carni” again as we make our way back towards Melbourne.   When we move inland again away from the water, we travel at speed again this time going around Geelong on the new Bypass Road

The World’s Most Liveable City beckoning in the ever shortening distance, the traffic increases, the hustle bustle of Suburbia surrounds us. Looking to the left and right Alan often sees the blank expressions of the drivers, most likely on their way home from work, completing their daily grind into Melbourne’s Peak Hour.  While it is busy and occasionally hectic most of this peak hour stuff is going in the opposite direction, as we approach the WestGate Bridge, we are close to home, this experience nearly complete.

I still marvel at the city views from the top of the WestGate Bridge, you certainly feel on top of the world up there, even in heavy traffic.

So here we are back in Docklands, it’s the end of the Corporate Day so suits, briefcases for the men, high heels and handbags for the ladies and many laptops strapped over the shoulder for most…..(Our day today is a much better option….).

Smiles, handshakes, hugs from some,  complete the experience.  As a rule, everybody sleeps well after this full day Experience, possibly caused by all the fresh air on the journey, I know I always go home “Tired but Wired” absolutely exhausted, but exhilarated at the same time.

Now this is a Full Day Adventure, we do travel lots of Kilometres, for most we go to places as a first time visit, The Great Ocean Road is Victoria’s Prime Tourist Attraction for good reason.  There are many ways to get there,   It is possibly not for everyone due to budget or health reasons, however if this is on your Bucket List to do, for whatever the reason, make sure you do it. we are always available to discuss the possibilities on the telephone, and for those who know Alan & Johanna ….if we can’t meet your expectations and make it an enjoyable experience for you, we will tell you….in saying that, we do have different options on other shorter tours if that is the solution, you just have to ask.

We always try to look after our customers plus we value our reputation in the Tourism Marketplace.

As always, if you need any information about who we are, where we go and what’s this all about, we are always available for a chat on the telephone.  (Alan is always up for a chat….haha), so thank you for reading the Blog and finally ……….at least once in your life……..

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