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Melbourne Trike Hire offers the opportunity to Ride your Dream, Go Sightseeing in a very different way, travel in style, be the centre of attention, or just enjoy the ride.

Melbourne Trike Hire Details

Available for Hire from Melbourne Trike Hire, our Big Green Three Wheeled Excitement Machine, a 2018 BoomTrike 1.6lt (Automatic) for that trip of a lifetime. Imagine travelling our fantastic Great Ocean Road on our fabulous Green BoomTrike Mustang. Your very own Three Wheels of Excitement, hire it for one (1) day or up to seven (7). Hire starts at 24 hours (1day) all you need is a full current (open) Victorian Motorcycle Licence (or Interstate Equivalent).



Melbourne Trike Hire (per day/24hrs) $330.00 (inc GST)

Induction/Orientation (1 Rider) $33.00 (inc GST)

Admin Fee/ Trike Preparation. $77.00 (Inc GST)

Total Cost (24 hrs/1day) $440.00 (inc GST)

Per Day Extra $330.00 (Inc GST)

Melbourne Trike Hire Inclusions

  • 300 kms Travel is Included per day hired (22c per extra Km)
  • Trike is Supplied with Full tank (38lt) of Fuel (95/98 octane)
  • Induction Process is Mandatory prior to Hiring
  • $200 Deposit is required to confirm booking
  • Full Payment of Invoice is required 5 days prior to Booking.
  • Admin/Preparation Fee ($77.00) as a General Rule is NON refundable.

Terms & Conditions (Summary)

  • This is a Summary of the Hirer’s responsibilities which will be explained in more details on signing of the Hire Contract at the time of hire.
  • DRIVER – RIDERS – Trikes are to driven by the person or persons that has signed the contract, and or has completed the Test Drive Induction ONLY.
  • 48 Hours notice is required for Cancellations or Postponements. While we are flexible depending on the circumstances, the Administration Fee ($77.00) as a general rule is NON refundable.
  • Cancellations or Postponement notifications made less than 48 hours prior to hire, the Hirer may (at the Trike Owner’s Discretion) forfeit the full deposit paid.
  • Photo Identification – Rider agrees to supply full Photo Identification and copy of Licence Details prior to Hire.
  • INSURANCE – Trikes are covered with Comprehensive Insurance. The Hirer agrees that in the event of Accident, Damage, Loss or Theft of the Trike the Hirer will be responsible for the Insurance excess of $2000.00.
  • FUEL – Trikes must be returned with a FULL Tank (95/98 Octane) or fuel charges will incur @ retail costs.
  • KILOMETRES300km per 24hrs, klm over will incur charges of 0.22c per klm over & above the agreed 300klm’s.
  • CARE OF THE TRIKE – to be used in a proper manner at all times – it is the duty of the Hirer to ensure the Trikes are well maintained and will be held accountable for the cleanliness as well as any damage to the Trike.
  • CLEANING – DAMAGE – Trikes that need cleaning or repair will incur costs to be determined by the Owner at the Hirer’s expense.
  • DRIVING – are to be driven on public sealed roads at all times and (NO off road driving) is permitted.
  • LATE RETURNS – will be subject to additional charges.
  • FINES – CHARGES – Trikes that incur any Fines & or Charges during the hire and received after date & return of hire will be sent to the relevant authorities with the Hirer’s information.
  • Security Deposit – Security Deposit of up to $2000.00 ($250.00 included in initial Invoice) to finally secure the BoomTrike Hire. This condition is wholly at the discretion of the Trike Owner.
  • Online Booking – When completing your booking online, the FULL amount (Not including Full Security Deposit) owing will show, ONLY $200 Deposit will be required to confirm the booking, unless your required date is less than 5 days forward, then the full amount will be required.
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