Travelling with Children

Travelling with Children

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Travelling with Children.

Whenever you are travelling with Children, without doubt they are your most precious, so their safety should always be paramount.   Docklands Chauffeurs is well prepared to cater for families with small children, meeting  Victorian Law as required with Child Safety Seats Children (0 to 3 years) and Child Safety Booster Seats (Children 4 to 7 years).

Our Vehicles at Docklands Chauffeurs are registered with Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria (CPVV) as Hire Vehicles and meet all the licence requirements, including the requirements for Child Safety Seats.  Alan and Johanna, being parents themselves (and now Proud Grandparents) know and understand the importance of keeping all the guests safe and more importantly when travelling with Children.

While there is a small cost for utilising these seats in our Vehicles, apart from having to meet out Hire Vehicle Licence Requirements, you cannot put a value on safety when travelling with Children.  With that in mind, Alan & Johanna will push back on a booking, should our guests attempt to avoid a cost ($10 or $15 per seat) which based on industry standards, we see as most reasonable.

*Our COVIDSafe Plan Limits Passenger Numbers*

Our vehicle caters for up to 4 children in properly secured and Approved Child Safety Seats, to ensure their safety at all times and provide piece of mind for the parents as well.

Child Safety Seat (0-3yrs)

Travelling with Children

Children 0 to 3 years are required to be secured safely (rear facing when required) in an Approved Child Safety Seat when travelling in our Hire Car. This Road Law is part of the Hire Car Licence and Compliance is mandatory.

Child Safety Booster Seat (4-7 years)

Travel with Children  Children aged 4 to 7 years of age are required under Victorian Law to be safely secured in an Approved Child Safety Booster Seat. You can hire one here. This Victorian Road Law is part of our Hire Car Licence Requirements and NON Compliance may cause cancellation of your booking.

Please contact us on (03) 9670 6939 if you need more information.

Alan & Johanna

Docklands Chauffeurs